The valley between the Lavaca and Guadalupe rivers began as an Indian settlement called “Half Moon.” In 1885, near the present site of Shiner, a post office was opened at a trading post. It was called Half Moon and was bypassed in 1887 by San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railway. A town grew up around 250 acres donated by Henry B. Shiner for a right-of-way and depot. The town was called New Half Moon until 1888 when the name was changed to Shiner. Agricultural products in the area are dairy and beef cattle, cotton, and corn. Shiner is the home of Kaspar Companies and has industries that manufacture wire, racks, dye, and tool plating. Shiner is also the home of the Spoetzl Brewery, the oldest independent brewery in Texas. The brewery produces Shiner Beer. Shiner is ideally located in south Central Texas within commuting distance of Victoria, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and the Gulf Coast. It is a balanced residential community that offers a prime location for young families and retirees alike. Whether you are looking for a new business location, a great atmosphere for raising a family, a place to retire or just an afternoon visit, you will be impressed with Shiner.

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