Welcome to Fayetteville, Welcome, Vitame Vas, Wilkommen. “Welcome to Fayetteville” is not just words on the town’s water tower. You’ll discover that they mean it as soon as you arrive in this town. Fayetteville is a historic Texas town with a classic water tower, a town square with an old Courthouse in the center, friendly people, great buildings, historic homes, and many events and festivals that will fill your days. We arrived in Fayetteville on a clear perfect day. It’s always hard to decide where to begin the tour of a town, but Fayetteville’s town square is the best place to start. Well, we started there and would explore other area of the town later. Parking at Jerry’s General Store, we initially went inside to find a restroom, but were quickly amazed because this is what a general store should look like. If the rest of Fayetteville matches this, we’re in for a fantastic day. No restroom was found inside – we didn’t ask Jerry or know if there is a Jerry. The restrooms for the general public and visitors are in plain view in the building next to the courthouse in the center of the town square. What we did find in the general store was a variety not usually found in one place. We had been to several big box home improvement stores in Houston looking for a replacement faucet for an old building without any luck. After looking in several boxes in the “plumbing section” of Jerry’s, the salesman retrieved the exact type faucet needed and we left unbelievably happy. In the early 1800’s, Fayetteville was just a stagecoach stop on the Bastrop to San Felipe Trail. The area was settled in the 1820’s by Stephen F. Austin’s “Original Three Hundred” and they were followed by German and then Czech immigrants. The German and Czech culture remains a dominant part of the town’s history and heritage. Fayetteville is now recognized for both its historical as well as architectural significance. There are over 300 buildings in Fayetteville that are on the National Register of Historic Places. There are many Texas Historic Markers within the city limits. The year round music events, arts, bicycle rides, antique shows, and festivals makes Fayetteville a great destination. Fayetteville – The way Texas used to be.

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